Stormzy apologises for homophobic tweets


Stormzy has apologised for using homophobic language in a series of old tweets.

The rapper said he used the words at a time “when I was young and proudly ignorant”.

The posts from between 2011 and 2014, which have since been deleted, showed he used terms offensive to the gay community.

He told his Twitter followers that he regrets the comments and they are “attitudes I’ve left in the past”.

The posts were first brought to light in LGBT publication Pink News.

Stormzy published an apology on Twitter saying the comments he made were “unacceptable and disgusting”.

His apology comes as a spotlight is put on the views and language celebrities have put on social media.

Jack Maynard’s exit from I’m A Celeb came after a series of tweets, in which he used inappropriate language, were published in the Sun newspaper.

Zoella has also apologised for a number of old tweets about gay people and “chavs”.

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