More layoffs planned at Carrier plant Trump promised to save


Carrier Corp., the HVAC manufacturer that had planned to move its operations to Mexico before President Trump staged a much-heralded intervention, said Tuesday it is gearing up for yet another round of layoffs.

Less than four months after it laid off nearly 340 employees at its Indianapolis factory, Carrier announced that 215 more employees will be terminated on Jan. 11.

The company said in a statement that it had originally planned to lay off 275 employees on Dec. 22, but decided to reduce the size of the layoff and delay the timing because of voluntary employee attrition.

Employees at the Indianapolis plant reportedly do not feel they have job security.

“They just don’t have any faith in this plant staying in Indianapolis,” Robert James, the president of a union that represents plant workers, told The Indianapolis Star.

Shortly after Trump’s election, Carrier announced that it had reached a deal with the then president-elect to keep approximately 1,070 jobs in Indianapolis for 10 years in exchange for up to $7 million in various incentives.

The highly publicized deal, which protected about 730 manufacturing jobs, abruptly reversed the plan Carrier announced in February 2016 to move its factory to Mexico and eliminate nearly 1,400 jobs.

Although Carrier employees appeared elated in widely circulated photographs after Trump struck the deal with the company, the mood in Indianapolis has apparently soured as layoffs continue.

“Trump came in there to the factory last December and blew smoke up our a—s,” Brenda Darlene Battle, a longtime Carrier employee, told The New Yorker. “He wasn’t gonna save those jobs.”

Gregg Re is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @gregg_re.

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