A misspelled #NetNeutality hashtag is topping Twitter


Emotions are running high about today’s FCC vote to repeal net neutrality, and for good reason. Maybe that’s why, apparently, a lot of people on Twitter can’t seem to spell “net neutrality.” One of the latest trending hashtags is #NetNeutality. If you set your location to New York, Boston, Seattle, or many other US cities, it actually appears in the trending sidebar instead of #NetNeutrality.

Some of the #NetNeutality tweets acknowledge the misspelling as a joke, or include it alongside #NetNeutrality to capture a larger audience. But plenty of them just seem to be mistakes — or who knows, maybe ISPs have started throttling the letter “r.”

Fortunately, it’s easy to tell the two hashtags apart at a glance, because #NetNeutrality has a special loading-symbol emoji attached to it. Check out the tweets below. Can you spot the difference? If so, congratulations. We just wish actually saving net neutrality were that simple.

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