Samsung unveils its latest smartwatch — the Galaxy Watch


Samsung is back with a new smartwatch and fresh branding. The company announced its Galaxy Watch at its annual Galaxy Note phone event today. It features LTE connectivity and charges wirelessly. But most obviously, the company’s foregoing its previous Gear branding and is instead tying the watch more directly to its Galaxy smartphone and tablet line.

It includes a high resolution, AMOLED touch display; Gorilla DX+ glass; and is water resistant for swimming. The company says its battery life is improved, too. It should last “several days” on a single charge. The Galaxy Watch also features some health-oriented features, including heart rate monitoring to builds a baseline for each user. The idea is that when it detects that your heart is racing, it’ll prompt you to relax. It also tracks fitness and allows users to pick their activity. It’ll track sleep patterns, as well, and will try to qualify how well you’re sleeping.

The watch looks similar to the Gear S2 Classic with its less obvious bezel. Last year’s watch — the Gear Sport — was designed for athletes, and Samsung is shying away from that specific use case with the Galaxy Watch. It’s definitely intended to be an everyday timepiece that can handle fitness tracking, along with other more daily activities.

Developing. Catch more from our Samsung Unpacked 2018 coverage here.

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