Celebrity sightings, player reactions and more from Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant’s jersey retirement


Kevin Durant recalled one of his most memorable Kobe Bryant moments, back when Durant was playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder, who at the time held a big lead over Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers during a regular-season game a few years back. “We were beating them pretty good in OKC,” Durant said, “and he said, ‘You can have this game, [but] you can’t sit at my table.'” [Bryant, at that point, had five championships.] “That was a nice little jab right there,” Durant added. “As a young player, you feel like you’re coming up quick, and you feel like you’re establishing yourself and then you have a guy who’s on another level as far as accomplishments and experience and it puts you back down on another level. It was humbling, but it was also motivation.”

Baxter Holmes, ESPN Staff Writer

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