Florida State Seminoles kicker Ricky Aguayo allegedly attacked after missing field goals in Dec. 2016 win


Florida State kicker Ricky Aguayo was allegedly punched in the face while being jumped outside a fraternity house last December after fraternity members gave him a hard time for missing field goals in a 31-13 victory over Florida.

The Tallahassee Democrat was the first to report on the alleged incident, uncovering the police report after public records requests were filed looking into the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, which is under investigation after a pledge died in November. As a result, all fraternities and sororities at Florida State have been suspended indefinitely.

According to the police report, filed last Dec. 2, Aguayo told police he was walking in front of the Pi Kappa Phi house at approximately 3 a.m. when fraternity members sitting on the front porch started yelling at him about missing two field goals against the Gators.

Aguayo told police he was rushed by several members, punched in the face and “various other places on his body.” He had someone call tight end Ryan Izzo to help him get home. Aguayo declined treatment and said he would have trainers look at his nose. He also declined to press charges and refused to provide a written statement.

In the report, the police officer wrote, “I did observe redness to Aguayo’s face and nose, and there was a moderate amount of blood on his face and shirt,” and that Aguayo’s injuries “were consistent with being punched in the face.”

Aguayo’s shirt was also ripped, and police also observed Aguayo and Izzo had been drinking.

Florida State said coach Jimbo Fisher wouldn’t have any comment on the incident.

Aguayo just earned honorable mention All-ACC honors after making 15-of-18 field goal attempts this season.

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