South Carolina State Bulldogs player Tyvoris Solomon collapses on bench


South Carolina State guard Tyvoris Solomon was rushed to a hospital Saturday afternoon after his heart stopped during the Bulldogs’ game against North Carolina State.

South Carolina State coach Murray Garvin told ESPN’s Jeff Goodman that Solomon was “awake and responding” at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Garvin accompanied Solomon to the hospital, but the game resumed at 1 p.m. ET after a delay of approximately 40 minutes.

The incident occurred with about 13 minutes remaining in the first half during a stoppage of play, when medical officials were examining North Carolina State’s Markell Johnson for an apparent knee injury.

The focus quickly shifted to South Carolina State’s bench area, however, as emergency medical personnel rushed to the area. Garvin told Goodman that Solomon was resuscitated by South Carolina State’s athletic trainer.

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