Fairground Lights Get British Town In The Mood, But Maybe Not The Holiday Mood


The holiday season began with a bang in a town in southwest England on Friday night, when the annual Winter Festival in Keynsham, near Bristol, took on an adult theme:

Visitors said the way lights were arranged for a fairground attraction made it look like a gigantic penis, and shared photographs of the indecent-appearing display online.

“Now, it could be my eyes but that’s an interesting lighting at the festival,” wrote Instagram user Lindsey McCullam. “Nothing screams Christmas like a lit-up phallus,” said Ben Rogers on Twitter.

Keynsham Town Council organized the three-hour festival,  which also featured bell ringing. Residents initially blamed the council for the bawdy surprise.

But in a statement to Somerset Live, the council said a contractor was responsible for the ride and lights. The council had “no choice in what is brought along,” and the attraction “does not form part of” the town’s official lights display, it added.

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